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A main advantage before any financial or legal decisions
We propose you the most objective venal estimation and the real possible, in any impartiality, and by means of relevant methods as the type(chap) of the good(property), its surface, but also a set of sharp criteria bound(connected) to the real estate.

We so guarantee you a clear, precise file(case) but especially very useful even essential in administrative, fiscal or legal situations. Our services(departments) will interest the private individuals as the professionals.

Ask for an estimate to obtain the market value of your real property, the market value of your business, or estimate your real estate property:
·       During a sale of real estate or during a real estate purchase.
·       Of a divorce or a succession.
·       Of a real-estate loan or a tax return on the fortune.
·       Of an expropriation.
·       Of the fixation(binding) or the revision of a rent.
·       Of the contribution or the restructuring of your company(society).
·       Of a recovery of the tax authorities.
·       to establish or verify a surface Carrez law (prize(lot) of co-ownership).
·       Liquidation of community.
·       Of a division(sharing), a donation.
·       Of an eviction.
·       fiscal disputes.
·       For a Current situation(Inventory of fixtures) for certain bank loans.
·       to obtain a credit, a security, a leasing.
·       For a legal proceeding.

Marilyn Santoni - Real estate Expert Approved with the National Center of the Expertises - Phone:

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